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Welcome to the website of Partybusz BP0069!

Birthday, bachelor party or a pub tour? Wedding or the first date? You would like to have a great party with your school mates, colleagues or family?
We will help you to create unforgettable experiences out of everyday events. Do not hesitate to contact us, our skilled team will support all your needs!


What are the occasions you can rent the party bus for?

The BP0069 can be rented for a great variety of occasions, but we provide you with a few ideas.

Birthday party on the bus

Celebrate your big day with your best friends or family with a huge blast on the bus

High school prom on the bus

Have your afterparty with your school mates on the bus following the prom. We have room for the full class!

Party for kids

Want your kid to have an amazing birthday party on the bus? Fun is guaranteed not only for the kids but the accompanying adults too.

Party with the Party Bus

Just a simple Saturday night out? It is the best on the Party Bus. You’ve got music, dancing, lights and chilled drinks

Shooting on the Party bus

Our bus is perfectly suitable to shoot party scenes too

Bachelor and bachelorette parties

There is nothing more fun than to have your party on a party bus

Wedding on the bus / Wedding on wheels?

Your whole family and friends can fit on the bus and take you to any destination in the city.

Company event on the bus

The end of boring business dinners has come- travel through downtown and take your whole team with you to let your company event roll!

Bar Hopping with the party bus

Leave the boring public transportation or the taxi for others. You can use the bus to travel between party locations while having fun on the road

Sightseeing with the party bus

You tell us the route and then your job is to enjoy the trip with music and dance


We make your party bus dreams come true!

You can let us know all your needs and expectations on our party bus website and you can check our available dates.

Click on button Party Bus reservation and fill out our form.

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